Our Competitive Advantage

Value-Add Experience

Magnum’s team has successfully executed its business plans through multiple market cycles and property types.  Our background as owner-operators and advisors has provided us with the experience and perspective to perform thorough situational assessments, allowing us to take projects efficiently through the appropriate process.

Optimal Strategy

Magnum’s focus is always directed towards the underlying real estate collateral to ensure capital preservation. We specialize in resolving complex situations by relying on our deep understanding of real estate fundamentals.

Execution Leads to Success

The cornerstone of Magnum’s success is grounded in our deep and trusted relationships, cultivated over many years, with a national network of financial institutions, servicers and brokers, as well as public and private institutions and development support teams. Our institutional and private clients know they can count on us to help facilitate the business of real estate within their process, for sustained success and long-term relationship building.